Monday, July 27, 2009

Effigy Corset Progress

I used wire nippers to cut the reeds do size...

And then used my dogs nail file to smooth and round the edges....

The finished reed boning

All the reeds inserted into the casings..

Closeer view....the two front pieces were extremely bowed from the reeds, so I rolled the pieces up, tied them together, and soaked them in warm water. I let them dry overnight.

And the reeds straightened out quite nicely! The back is still a bit bubbly, while the front is nice and flat! I've whipped the right front piece to the back. I still need to go back and whip the linings together, but it's coming along!

Yay! After I get the pieces completely attached, the next step will be to add the shoulder straps, slit the tabs and start on the binding. What I'm really not looking forward to is all the hand-bound eyelets. I'm not very good at them--wish me luck!

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