Monday, July 6, 2009

Last of the cupcake updates, and more RV CC updates

Cupcakes all packaged up and ready to go....

A little over 2/3 of the cupcakes set out on the table...

And some closeups...

I ran out of batteries before I took any more pictures of the wedding was beautiful! Just like a miniature Moroccan palace! I'm sure they're on the web somewhere, I'll post links when I find some pictures!

I finally worked a smidge on my red velvet dress. I just barely finished the bottom binding. As far as the bodice goes, all I need to do is finish the collar (tacking down and pressing the pleats) and making the sleeves. I don't think the skirt will be that big of a deal....I'm leaning towards the separate skirt idea.

My overall to do list is:
-stitch belt for purple dress
-attach hooks for purple dress
-make sleeves for red dress
-tack neckline for red dress
-make skirt for red dress
-make headpiece for red dress
-make ringlets for purple dress
-starch petticoats

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