Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cleaning is for the birds, man.

House is 94.2% conquered! It's the fiddly things like washing mirrors and dusting baseboards (and, let's face it, the laundry room that will never be *clean*) that's left, so I can move on to my sewing room (o'doom) with relatively little guilt. I've been so bummed about my poor room lately, that I haven't even gone in there in weeks. (And I have the completely full DVR to prove skipped recording "Castle"!!! Noooooooo!)

It is so bad. Really, really bad. I spent an hour trying to clean up last night, but only got as far as putting away some of the stuff I got last time I was in LA, and getting the garbage can corner all bagged up and ready to go to the dumpster. Back in the day, I thought I had my room organized to the point that everything could be put away and off the floor, but somehow my stash has been multiplying without my knowledge, and there is No More Room. I also need to re-think my pattern and book storage. Argh. I miss the days of my sewing room looking like this:

Because right now, it looks more like this:

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