Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pin Pillow - Background Progress

I started in the top right hand corner of the background, and I'm liking the color I chose for the background more than I did a couple of days ago. (The colors and shading look a bit muddy in the pictures, it's not so in real life, I promise!) This feeling may change once I get to the poor little squillel, but right now, I'm happy. Also, the shading on the gilly flower is a funny thing - in some lights, it looks completely one shade of red, where in others, the different shading colors really *pop*. Huh. I am really enjoying the background filling work - very mindless and not too stressful. I've had one tiny snarl I only found rows and rows later, and I didn't have the heart to go back and fix it. I still haven't found a solution for the "divot every two lines" problem through. I have a feeling that if I broke the cardial rule of canvas work and alternated my half cross with a continental stitch, the problem would go away, but would that end up giving me more problems down the road than a faint horizontal striation? Anyway, on to the pictures -

Also of note, the "scroll" part of my scroll frame is failing epically. (If that is even a word) I spent so much time getting the tension *just right* on the lacing, and now it is looking like I am going to have to move to a different frame. I really don't want to use a slate frame, as it would be too large to haul around with me every where I go, and a good portion of this project is getting done while on my lunch break at work.

I'll see if I can fix the fail, but if not, I will need to find a different solution. Boo.

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