Thursday, March 18, 2010

Needs more cowbell...


I'm falling out of love with the hat I started on for the striped vic. (I'm sorry hat. I tried to love you. I really did. You taught me a lot about how to use millinery wire, but I think it's time we parted and moved on with our seperate lives......)

I think it's time to start over again....but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

But first, I just want to share these couple of pictures that I just adore to itty bitty bits: (And both are serving as inspiration for my asymetrical skirt draping....especially the first one)

Ok, back to hats...since I'm starting over with the hattery experience, I need to decide what *kind* of hat I want to do now. (I am not a milliner by any stretch of the imagination, so forgive me for most likely butchering names/types of hattery!)

1. I like this high-crowned hat on the right. I think it could be pretty easy to trim and deck out all awesomesauce. I am a bit unnerved at the skill it would take to actually construct, however.

2. I think these are both examples of soft-bodied cloche-ish hats, although the one on the left might be trying to be a silly little turban?

3. I totally can't tell what is going on here. It might be another of the tall-crowned hats, but the brim doesn't look right to be that tipped-way-forward type. But I do like all the stuff jammed in there!

4. The one on the left has the itty bitty bonnet of cuteness going on - which shouldn't be *too* hard to pull off. If I get really cranky with the hat making, I might go in this direction. Also, I *think* the gal on the right has kind of a straw leghorn thing going on. *IS* there such a thing as a straw leghorn? I like it, but I don't think it's for me.

5. Again, I can't really tell what exactly is going on here, but I like the height of the whole hat/hair thing that is going on over here. I *need* height. No more close-fitting bonnets for me.....I learned my lesson the hard way - not all styles are suited to all types of faces, no matter how cute you think the bonnet is before you put it on.

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