Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I am *SO* torn!

I'm really happy with my Vic and the way it came out. Dont get me wrong.


I really, really want to do an 18th c as well.

Reasons For:
-There's apparantly a themed Ice Cream Social on Friday. (I'm not seeing anything official on the website, so now I'm doubting myself)
-I really want an 18th c, and this is one of the only 'excuses' I'll have to make one until CC *NEXT* year.
-I'd have something cute to wear to Sunday Undies. I would wear my vic, but I didn't make the corset, and that would feel disingenuous.
-I have the makings of a half dozen gowns hanging out in my sewing room. No seriously. Fabric, patterns, stays, panniers....just no gown.

Reasons Against:
-Angst of making a new style for the first time ever (and scared of doin'it rong.)
-Tight deadline. Almost exactly one month from now.
-Indecision. I almost have *TOO* many options at my disposal.
-Limited time in which to sew.

What do you think?!

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