Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend isn't even over yet, and I feel like I've accomplished a ton!

Besides a lovely bbq on Saturday with my Laurels household, and another one today at my sisters house, I've not only completely finished my vic, but I've started (and nearly finished) Janneans chapeau. Tomorrow will be filled with a visit to Holly and the bebe puppehs and a family bbq. My brother and his wife are in town, so I need to jump at the chance to visit them whenever I can!

But it's really all about the pictures, isn't it?
When we last left our intrepid seamstress....

I decided the bodice needed something *more*, so I added some darker gold velvet ribbon. Probably not what I would have chosen at the outset, but I'm still in my use-only-what-is-in-my-stash phase. So ribbon it is.

For some reason, it feels a little "Big Top" ish. Not what I was going for, but meh. Whatever. ;)

Some progression shots of the hat.,,,,,I only have to permanently attach all the bits. I still need to find some trim to cover the stitching on the bottom edge, but I think for the most part, we're done. Jannean, do you want more? Less?

I apologize for the poor contrast in the following pictures....I'll try to get some better pictures tomorrow, I'm just too tired right now! :D

I'm quite proud of these little roses, I think they're adorable.

And, bonus: Worried cookie!

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