Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Laurel Prize Tourney @ Uprising

I’ve gathered some bits and pieces from my various projects and have put together a spread for the Prize Tourney at Uprising.

So far I’ve got:

  • Effigy bodies + documentation (this is what I entered in KA&S not this last time ‘round, but the year before.  I figure there will be enough people at Uprising that have not seen them before, it’ll be fairly new still.  I’m bringing my documentation as well, just because I worked so danged hard on it!  I’ll not be bringing Bertha for display as I did for KA&S.  I’ve been wearing them for a year, so they’ve seen the world and are a little worn, but not terribly so.)
  • PPoD top (This is the Pin Pillow of Doom, for those of you who don’t know the acronym yet!  It took me almost exactly a year to finish this bad boy, and I’m planning on entering it at the next KA&S, in pillow form.  For the LPT, I’m just bringing the top and a picture of the original (as documentation isn’t at all required, but I would like to show my original inspiration).  The good thing about this project being technically unfinished is that I’m able to show the back of the piece, as once it is sewn into a pillow, it’ll be hidden from view for all time and eternity.)
  • Red velvet chopines (I’m just too danged proud of these to not bring them.  There are a couple of shoe peeps that I know will be at Uprising that I’d like to have see them.)
  • Blackwork “sampler” (This is a fairly old project, but I don’t think I’ve ever really entered it in anything….it’s been floating around my packed boxes for years and years, and recently resurfaced.  I’m fairly surprised at how well the skill level has held up….I’m a much better stitcher nowadays, but I think this piece was right at the turning point of skill, and fairly well represents my needlework, even if it is on the rougher side.)

I’m thinking of bringing a couple of other ‘WIP’/demo things; I’ve been (very) slowly working on a carved comb, and may bring my carving tools to continue on that for the duration.  I’ll also be bringing my polychrome coif from about eleventybillion years ago.  I may not be happy with some of the stitching decisions I made in the past, but I may as well pick it back up again and finish it off. I’m wiffling on whether to bring some button samples, but that seems so…….well, boring, even if I do think they’re the bees knees!





Can you tell I can’t sleep??

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