Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Radio Silence Apologies & Barons War Update

Sorry folks, it’s been a weird, weird weekend, interspersed with not feeling too swell….makes for a bad time for posting!

On a brighter note, I’ve been hand-sewing the hem of the red dress, and the hem is now done.  (I never thought it would end…..I ended going around the hem four times in different spots to make sure the felt stayed where it ought to be.)

Some awesome new developments have come up RE: Barons War.  Jaquelinne has offered up her  black work strip for the red dress!  It will either become the inside band of a partlet collar or the front band of a camacia – either way, I’m SO excited!  You can see her work over here….go look!

Praksedys has offered up her skills to create lacing for the red dress, and that is quite a weight off my shoulders.  She’s an amazing woman!

Also, my brother in law has agreed to arrange the dinner.  He has been going above and beyond, and I am so excited what he comes up with, because right now we may need to invite the entire Kingdom to eat all the nommy dishes that he’s cooking up. 

Dressed pheasant via “of food great and smalldor23283

I told him that I had wanted Cornish game hens and spinach & goat cheese salad, but he was free to add to that menu; and he has completely run with the whole “game bird” idea.  (I *heart* wildfowl.  Like, seriously.)

Peacock served at a feast via  “History Undressed”

From what I hear, there is going to be a whole spread of game birds (game hens, quail, pheasant, potentially duck or goose), a couple of rabbits, and the crowning glory……….a roast peacock*.  YES.  I will have a peacock!  Instead of stuffing the poor bird back into its skin after roasting**, I’m thinking of arranging clean tail feathers at the back, and gilding the bird.  I need to do some more research on that, but that’s my initial plan.

Peacock served at a feast via “Larsdatter00-014408




*For those totally grodied out by game bird and/or rabbit, there will be plenty of other (less weird) foodstuffs available.  I’m not sure, but I may be taking reservations to the extent of finding out how many people would need/want meats other than fowl & coney.

**I’m not entirely sure it’s hygienic, even if the skin is cooked (which may actually destroy the feathers anyway)….birds tend to be kind of dirty little critters.


  1. I love how completely all-out you are going with this.   This is gonna be awesome.

    Also I have tablet news:  I've started the band and it's looking really great, my wonky beginner issues notwithstanding.  I'll try to have some pics on my blog today or tomorrow.

  2. Where does one acquire a peacock for purposes of eating? I am kind of grossed out and fascinated at the same time. 

    Also, if you steam the tail feathers for like 10 minutes, you will kill any ickyness (you might wanna go longer just to be sure) - then blow them dry with your blow dryer and they will go back to normal and you can lay them out fear-free.

  3. Hehe....I can't take credit for the going-all-outiness; that's his thing, I was going to have a relatively simple dinner to begin with!

    I can't wait to see how it's coming along!

  4. There's farms around locally that raise all manner of game birds - my BIL has the hookups.  ;)  

    I'm not sure if I'm even going to *get* the skin, and that might gross people out too much.  Besides, golden peacock is just as awesome as feathered peacock.

  5. I likes the golden peacock idea!  Awesome!

    Make sure I know how many tables/tablecloths we need...kinda sounds like we're gonna need more than originally planned!  (darn!)

  6. (Oh, and I'm going to claim the doggeh in the Larsdatter pic as an Issy ancestor...hehehe)

  7. I has a 6 foot table I can bring if needed.  Oh, and what color of tableclothes will you need?  I have gold ones and maybe a couple of white/cream ones if they would work.  What about chairs, napkins, decorations for the tables.  Is your brother working on that stuff, or asomeone else?  Let me know what you need?

  8. oops, I mean is someone else....

  9. I wonder if you can callig with peacock feathers......... ;)

  10. OMG!  I think we should find out....... :D

    btw, I can't keep it in any longer.....I got a prezzie for you from Uprising that is cool and illumination-related. (muahhahahaha)

  11. Yeah, it's growing to be a much bigger thing than I had originally envisioned, but hey, that's not necessarily a bad thing, right?  I need to start gathering up a bunch moar tables.  ;)