Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shade Fly–Complete!

Bright orange stakes notwithstanding, the shade fly is now complete! I can’t say I’m 100% happy with it, but will suit my needs.

I had thought that making my own shade fly would make it less expensive, but what with all the bits and pieces I ended up purchasing, I spent nearly as much as a commercial shade fly, without all the extras. Oh well, it was a learning experience!

The back is facing due north, so is not very shady, as the moniker “shade fly” might suggest. The curtains I hope will come in handy as the sun moves across the sky, making shade where needed. I’ll also try to set up with the back facing west whenever possible so from noon on it should stay fairly shady on it’s own.

I’m hoping to pick up some plastic spray paint in black to tame some of the ‘orangeyness’ of the stakes, and I’m wiffling on whether I should get a length of dowel to make rope tensioners; but if it doesn’t end up happening, I’ll still survive.

I’ll be taking it to Uprising for a trial run to see how it does….wish me luck!

p.s. It's set up a bit wonky and I didn't straighten the poles....both things that will be fixed for a 'real' setup!


  1. This is SO pretty.  I suddenly have an intense desire to have a camp all spiffed out with period pavilions and a full kitchen. 

  2. Aaah!  WANT!  That turned out so cute!

  3. Wow! It turned out amazing! Much better than if you had purchased one, I bet. You are incredible - both in ideas and execution! Love, love, love it! 

  4. I've been following your progress, and I think it has turned out lovely! It looks so different than any other shade fly I've seen. You should feel proud! I'm going to try making my own, but I'm just going to start with a simple one -- but if it goes well, I may add dags like you've done! Here's my ideas: http://honorbeforevictory.com/a-shade-fly-for-pennsic-ideas-and-links/

  5. I've been dreaming about it all week!  >.<

    I have 2 savonrola chairs on order, and I talked to Baron Aaron over the weekend about some benches/chairs.....Once I throw a pavilion in there, it'll be a good start!

    We need to do this!  BTW, Holly and I are pondering going to Estrella next year; dates are moved, and is now end of March/beginning of April.....would you like to go?

  6. You can use!  I end up camping with you guys most of the time anyway!  hehe.

  7. Thank you!  I'm quite proud of it, despite it being my first attempt!

    Dags are super fun, and while a bit time consuming aren't that bad.

    I'm looking forward to your completed shade fly - how exciting!!!  :D