Tuesday, June 7, 2011

“Oh for heavens sake” Uprising Edition

I’m starting to panic about getting ready for Uprising, but feel better after digging through boxes and setting out outfits.  I’m kind of pleasantly surprised;  I have plenty to wear without digging too far into the ‘embarrassed to wear’ pile, or use the new green gown, so I’m pretty excited.  I went through and emptied enough tubs to (hopefully) carry all my crap. 

Right now the only thing I’m missing that I’m really freaked out about is my pulled work coif.  (there’s plenty of other stuff I would like to find….like…….where the heck did all my drawers and stockings go, really?!)  I wore my coif at Southern Regional Collegium, then I took it off to show how I had done it, then……………?

I’m completely blanked on what happened to it after that.  Grrr!  I cannot keep that thing in my possession for more than one event, I swear! 

I have a whole ton of stuff (garb, mundanes, bedclothes etc) to wash over the next couple of days, and yes, another shopping trip to stock up on batteries, baby wipes, hand sanitizer.  (You know, the necessities for camping!)

I also need to clean out my car and get an oil change, pick up the trailer and start packing for reals.

It doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but since I got out of the camping groove a few years ago, it seems harder and harder to get it all done!


  1. I am sooo with you here!  I haven't done a lick of packing yet, due to the last minute orders of several zibellini and zibabies.  LOVE the money, HATE the strong feeling that I'll be up late into the night, every night, until time to go...

  2. I'm mostly to blame for the fact you haven't had your pulled work coif for more than one event at at time.  I LUFFFS it!  I do promise, however, that I don't have it in my posession at this time. 

  3. But we finally made it all in one piece!  ;)

  4. Hehe...I need to get off my butt and make more of them!    I'm glad you like it, 'cause I'm thinking a pulled work coif is in your future!