Thursday, July 28, 2011

AC Challenge

I’m just now able to sit down and ponder my options for the upcoming ACC.  In my stash, I’ve been collecting fabrics over the last few years for specific gowns, which fits into the challenge nicely. 
There is a $100 limit to spending, so choosing something I’ve had on my mind over the last few years makes a lot of sense, although may not be the most ‘wow’ thing in the world.
Here’s the basic information for the challenge:
  • Layer 1: The skin layer.  Create underclothes that someone from your selected time period would have worn. Examples include braises, drawers, smock, chemise, camacia, shift, gomlek, corsetry and so on.
  • Layer 2: The main garment. Create the main garment from your selected time period. Examples include kirtle, gamurra, kosode & hakama, chausses, sarafan, bliaut, cotehardie, doublet, the toga and so on.
  • Layer 3: The outer layer. Create a garment that would have been worn for warmth or formal occasions. Examples include ropa, saia, surcoat, jerkin, coat, peplos, kaftan, entari, a stola and so on.
  • Layer 4: An accessory. This could be shoes, jewelry, a hat, stockings, a handkerchief, gloves, a suit of ruffs, an almoner’s purse, and so on.
Blue gown ( s )
It’s on the plain side, but I love, love, love this outfit.  I have the perfect velvet and linen to do this outfit, and I’ve been meaning to do it ever since I saw it a couple of years ago.  What makes me hesitate is the plain-ness of it…..for a competition, it’s not very flashy, but it would be so nice to have the ‘excuse’ to hand sew the whole thing.
I recently found the second portrait, and would probably ‘steal’ the sleeve treatment for the gown underneath; not only is the color scheme remarkably similar, but the neckline and sleeves would lend itself fairly well to the over gown.  (I think…..)
1598 Annparolini Guicciardini
Carracci, Agostino. Portrait of Anna Parolini Guicciardini. 1598. Oil on canvas. Gemäldegalerie (Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz), Berlin.

Sofonisba Anguissola-794765
Anguissola, Sofonisba. Bildnis Eines Paares. 1570. Oil on canvas. Uffizi Gallery, Florence.

Don’t Have
Blue velvet (coat
Embroidery floss (buttons, loops, trim on coat)
White Linen (camacia/sleeves)
Silk (veil)
Blue Linen (kirtle)
Organdy (partlet)

Brocade gown ( of some sort )
I really want to have a fancier brocade gown of some sort.  I’m not sure exactly of what style, but something with lace and awesome accessories.  Even if I don’t do this for the challenge, I’ll be doing this soon.
Vecellio, Cesare. Habiti Antichi, Et Moderni Di Tutto Il Mondo. In Venetia: Appresso I Sessa., 1598.

Don’t Have
Various Green Brocades (gown)
Gold bits (belt)
Linen (camacia)
Fan bits
Organdy (partlet)
Lace (shoulders & partlet)
Pearls (jewelry)

Teal Gown
I’ve had this gown on my mental wish list for a very long time, and have had the teal silk in my stash for at least 2 years.  I’m slightly worried about the off-the-shoulderness of it (which is why I haven’t done it yet), but the portrait has lovely accessories, and is of a type that not a whole lot of people do.  I’d have to do some research on appropriate “Layer 3”.
Portrait of a Lady
De Kempener, Pieter. Portrait of a Lady. 1530. Mixed media on poplar wood. Städel, Frankfurt.*

I have this one listed as “Portrait of a Lady”, but no further info – googling has proved unhelpful, as has Would be grateful if anyone has further info…..

Don’t Have
Teal silk (gown)
Gold bits (jewelry)
Linen (camacia)
Silk (partlet)
Gold cord (couching on gown)
Fan bits
Glove bits

*Thank you to Hastings, who not only told me what my ‘lost’ portrait was, but about Google Image search!  WAY better than!  (It’s Google, of course!)


  1. Really fun stuff!  Can't wait to see what you decide on.  The portrait you have for the teal gown is by Girolamo da Carpi and dated around 1530.  No idea on where it is located.  I don't know if you've tried google's image search where you drag the picture or portrait directly into the search bar.  Its really kind of cool and you don't have to come up with search terms.

  2. Oh, and Annabelle has it in a selection of women from Ferrara.

  3. Oooo.  Tough choices.  I'd love to see you use more of your fabulous brocade or do the teal gown, just because it's all going to be unveiled in time for court events aka time to sparkle.  

  4. I'm in agreement with Crystal- go for something fancy! Your finished outfit will likely be debuted at Solstice or 12th night. You've been wanting to do a green brocade for months!

  5. Ooh, I loves the teal one.  If you could somehow swing the off-the-shoulderness that would make it even more interesting than if not.  How did they do it?  From the curve at the edge of the shoulders the back is a lot higher than the front, but did the artist also take lisence?

  6. duh, or licence I mean...