Sunday, July 24, 2011

Barons War–”The Big Day”


This weekend has been absolutely magical; I cannot express how much I appreciate all the hard work and effort so many people put in to make this day so special.  I am so very grateful for everyone who pitched in and volunteered their time, efforts and skill.  I love you all so very much!


Caught with a goofy look on my face during vigil (the heat was too much to bear with the walls up, so I took down as much of the wall as I could while maintaining a modicum of privacy):


The food provided at the vigil and subsequent feast was all so delicious, I was in serious peril of not fitting into my dress properly Winking smile

I managed to have my eyes closed, or a goofy look on my face just about every picture taken in my gown – I’m hoping that someone else caught me looking less…….



My sisters’ whole family was there, minus my sis – I missed her so much, but I know she was there in spirit. (Besides, she’s being paid to bum around London, I can’t feel to bad for her….):



Don Vilhelm heralded for me, and I processed with a whole gaggle of my (quail chickies) friends, and escorted by my husband. You may wonder why in the world I have this picture in here; Johanne provided last-minute candles, as court was pushed back and I ended up processing in the dark….it’s funny how things happen; one of my original ideas involved candles, but I cut it out for simplicities’ sake…..but I ended up with candles after all! It was beautiful!:



The last moments before the ceremony:



….Called before TRM; I have my Apprentice belt slung over my shoulder as I hadn’t at this point been officially released from my Laurel:


I don’t have pictures of everyone who spoke for me, but I am hoping with all the cameras around, I can grab the remainder!:


Swearing my oath:


Laurel regalia (Especially special as Aine, Bethany and Lisa all collaborated on it!):





Presentation of the scroll:



Most beautiful scroll in the history of EVER.  I cannot express how much I love this piece, it couldn’t possibly be more me, all done in my favorite colors, and each little element was so lovingly thought out;



The two baby pygmy goats at the top:



the two quail (chickies) in the left margin:



Cozmo and Demitri as supporters at the bottom:



Tiny Barsky taking a nap in the bottom of the right margin:



and me in my blue silk Italian gown with my crazy veil (if I had one that long, I assure you, I’d wear it!), with various implements of my favorite artistic endeavors (I’m pretty sure I’m sewing on the PPoD!!!)



  1. You look phenomenal! I'm so damn happy for you!

    What an amazing scroll! You are insanely well-loved, and for many, many good reasons- never forget that!

    Congrats, and I love ya!

  2. You are totally right about the PPOD!  The pic was so tiny that I couldn't even get the embroidery frame to look right, but you guessed it anyway, yay!!!

  3. A more deserving person cannot be found!  What an exceptional day for an exceptional artist.

  4. I loved the sentiments expressed by those who spoke for you. I hope you either have a great memory or someone wrote them down. The things that were said were heart-felt and true. By the way, I have some of it videotaped on my camera, so if you want to listen again. let me know. Did someone videotape the whole thing? 
    Anyway, what an awesome day! 

  5. You are stunning, it was magical.

  6. It was absolutely wonderful to see you being recognized for how fabulous you are!  I loved hearing everything that was said, seeing how lovely you looked and, especially, feeling the happiness radiating off of you during and after the ceremony.  (Now the big question is: how the heck are you going to deal with having no giant ceremonies looming???  lol)  Love you!  :D

  7. We love you, Maestra.  Never forget that.  Keep on being unabashedly passionate about your craft. ;)