Thursday, July 28, 2011

PSA: Silk for under $19

Bangkok Thai Silk appears to not have been hit as badly with rate hikes; their silk taffeta is mostly $9.99-$10.99.

And OMG, do I want this SO bad……it’s gorgeous!

F_PinStripe_Emerald Violet [500x400]

Tip courtesy of Jaquelinne!


  1. OMG!  Ultra yummy!

  2. That is not, in fact, a public SERVICE announcement.  Especially when I just agreed to not buy any fabric, beads, or yarn until my birthday.  There are some amazing coppers and oranges I am now drooling over.  Not to mention a red shot with green.

  3. hehe....maybe "Public Stash Advisory" would be more appropriate?  ;)