Monday, October 8, 2012

Some thoughts RE: Body & Costuming

1) Sewing can be physically demanding - bending, sitting, then standing repeatedly, folding, crouching....I had forgotten how hard it can sometimes be. (Especially after a year-long sabbatical -- I am positively aching right now.  But that also could be due to the fact that my body has decided that I have ridden the 20's train for far too long, and it is high time for me to start to feel my age.)

2) I almost always feel better about my body when I am in garb/costume - it makes a world of difference wearing things that are tailored.  This is a lesson I ought to bring into my every day wardrobe, but thus far, have been too afraid to do.

3) Conversely, most of my body issues are wrapped up in costuming, rather than every-day clothing.  Yeah, I hate my arms, but with my daily standbys of stretchy cotton wraps and cardigans and hoodies, who cares?  Fitted, non-stretch silk sleeves.....another matter altogether.  Flabby tummy and fitted cotehardie?  Only  when desperately cold/muddy/lazy.

4)Yet all the while, most of my (sporadic) weight loss*  has been at least indirectly related to wanting to look better in costume or being thin enough to be able to 'pull off' a particular thing without looking hideous and/or laughable.

*and eventual re-gain, plus more


  1. Mistress of DisguiseOctober 8, 2012 at 11:39 PM

    I have the opposite problem of #3. I never feel better than when I'm in garb, it's modern clothes that make me feel fugly. The tailoring thing you mentioned may have something to do with it...if my clothes fit better and looked better on me, then I probably wouldn't feel that way. But, I will probably never feel pretty in a stretch knit. (I think this means my wardrobe needs more tailored vintage-y stuff in it.)

    And I completely hear you on #4. Costume is a bigger motivator for weight loss than anything else for me.

  2. I hate my body both in norms and costumes.  Bleh.  

    Hey, you never posted anything about Saige's coronation gown of AWESOME.  Don't know if you have any pics, but there are a few (pretty good side view of the applique and couching) of her wearing it at Syeira's pelican cermony on Facebook if you want help snatching them.

  3. I think everyone is overly critical about their own body.  And I just want to say, you have the most amazing complexion I have ever seen IRL.  Like sometimes looks like you are quite literally carved from alabaster.  It's really cool, and I'm insanely jealous - what with my swarthy olive complexion 'n all.

    I never did take many pictures of the gown in construction, although I believe I may have a couple on my external HDD, if I can find a data cord for it somewhere......If you could snag some pics (with permission from owner, of course!) I would be eternally grateful!!!  :D

  4. Oh don't get me wrong - not that I ever feel *pretty* in stretch's just less of an 'in my face' hatred for said arms!

    There should be some sort of costuming weight loss program...I would be so in.

  5. Aww!  You are so sweet.

    I've dropped a note to the owner of said pics.  I'll let you know if he responds.