Monday, October 8, 2012


I had forgotten I drew the “Blood, Sweat & Tears” and set it to post about a year ago, but I think it never did!  But how very appropriate!  I’ve pricked my finger and bled on more things than I care to count.

When I first heard of the ‘saliva solution’ to get blood out, I scoffed; but then I eventually pricked my finger and bled on a white piece.  I panicked for a moment, but the my analytical mind took over and I thought to myself “why, what a perfect opportunity to test out this whole old wives tale about saliva taking out blood stains’ thing.”  And wouldn’t you know, it worked!  Really well!

Getting blood out
-The sooner, the better!
-Only your OWN saliva works.  Something about enzymes or something biologically technical like that.
-Use just enough to wet the stain….don’t spit all over the fabric.  Unless you really want to……
-Make sure you didn’t just drink a big glass of soda or punch, or just ate a piece of chocolate – this will defeat the whole purpose of taking stains out.  (Ask me how I know about this one……)  If you’re unsure, give your mouth a quick rinse with plain water.
-You can spit on a small wad of thread clippings and rub into the stain.
-Saturate a threaded needle; pass the saturated thread through the center of the stain a few times, re-wetting as needed.  (This is my favorite method for smaller spots!)

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