Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adventures in Cranford...

One more layer of ruffles have been added, despite all the mishaps along the way. Yesterday was a very, very bad day for sewing mojo. I had none. I won't even list out how many *bad things* (and bad words) happened in the Sewing Room of Doom.

But...'s pretty! and fluffy! I can't wait until it's all done so I can starch the living daylights out of it and be super-duper fluffy! Yay!

I thought this was going to be the last layer, but I think I'm going to add *at least* one more.

I'm still waiting for my dress pattern to arrive, so I feel fairly comfortable taking my sweet time on the underclothes.

After that....I'm going to attack a tucked petticoat. Depending on how fluffy the overall look is with the tucked petticoat, I may or may not buckle down and make a roped petticoat. *ugh* Oh yeah. I can't forget a chemise. Argh! I've tried making one from the Simplicity pattern a few years ago (to use as a nightgown), and it ended horribly. (I probably still have the sad carcass around somewhere, but I'm NOT going to pull it out and salvage it!)

Most things go horribly wrong when I try to use a pattern. I wouldn't for the Cranford dress, but I know NOTHING about the period or construction method for these types of dresses, so I'm hoping the pattern comes with pretty explicit instructions. I'll probably have to mess around with the bodice pattern quite a bit to fit my weirdly-shaped body, but having a piece that is the right 'shape' is a great starting point.

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