Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Continuing Adventures of Cranford

I finally remembered to snap a picture of the fabric I'll be using for the dress....

I'm not positive it's period-correct, but at least to me, it looks like it *could* be.
re you sick of underwear yet?

I sure as heck am!'s looking pretty neat! (At least I think so......Viewer experience may vary.)

Four rows of tucks down......#? to go, and I think the floofy-factor is just about right. I cut the skirts plenty long enough to to as many tucks as my little heart desires. I'm just going to keep making 'em until I can't stand it any more! ( I actually would have gotten more done than I did tonight, except I had to work for almost two hours when I got home....Yay overtime?)

I'm still not positive I need a corded petticoat, but I want one so bad, I may make one anyway!

Close-up of the tucks....

(The tucks are 1/2" wide with about a 3/4" inch gap between each tuck seam. The hem is...ummm....i think 2 1/2"?) The odd-spaced gap between the hem and the tucks is completely accidental. I actually wanted it to be spaced the same as between the tucks, but somewhere along the line, I totally messed it up. Anyway, I like the spacing the way it ended up just fine, so I guess it's OK.

I am getting really impatient! I can't wait until I can put the whole underwear ensemble on! ...Oh, which reminds me, I need to go get some more fabric for the chemise and drawers!

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