Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blue Dress Update....(Guards Edition)

One side of the guards is completed....only one more side to go! Holly is working on finishing up the handsewing on the undersleeve so I can construct the whole shebang. The dress was originally supposed to be completed by Uprising (which is a month away), but Holly decided at the last minute that she wanted to go to Quest (next week) and she wanted to debut the dress there. Which is totally cool, I just had to light a fire under mah butt to get things done, and Holly has been conscripted into forced labor to help get everything completed.

The guard(s).........

I ended up sewing the ribbons to the bodice after all, and I think they'll work out just fine that way. When/if the ribbons need to be replaced, we will just have to unpick one side of the guards and unpick the ribbon stitching. So, not too bad, I suppose.

I did a deeper hem than I normally do to give the skirt as much body as possible. Man, that hem took *forever* to finish! (x2) it all down. Yikes!!

I think the shoulder straps could have standed to be thinner, but in the end, I have hope that the overall effect will end up OK. I'm really excited to ge the whole ensemble together and do a photoshoot! (teehee!)

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