Monday, May 11, 2009

More pictures from the weekend!

Up close and personal with the Cranford chemise...(I'm dissapointed that the two types of cotton I used show up so obviously as two different fabrics. Oh well, lesson learned. My middle finger is on the flat felled seam for the raglan sleeve)

"Silver Images" booth. From what I hear, Holly and her sister pretty much broke even on the event, but for me, just to have them there was an enormous treat, so *I* think it's worth it! (Their booth was one of the better looking ones...there was a pop-up with plastic uncovered tables next door. *sigh*)

BEBE GOATS!!! OMG, these dudes were killin me wif teh cute! I wanted to take one home SO BAD! :(

(The one kneeeling I named "Buster")

And Holly looking fabulous, dahling on her pony mighty steed!

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