Saturday, May 16, 2009

Continuing Adventures (in Cranford Underpinnings)

The last of the petticoats is very nearly done! (w00t!!!)

I've been plugging away on the corded petticoat for a week now, but have not taken the time to post about it, until now. So, no 'making of' for this one, more of a 'this is what I did' type thing.

Apparantly, 38 rows of cording casing is MY LIMIT. ;)

The top section of cording is the smallest (5 rows), then a 1 1/2" space, then the largest section (20 rows), then another 1 1/2" space, then the second-largest section (13 rows)

And another view...

In the spaces between the cording, I'm using the same crochet cotton I used in the chemise "lace" to run a wavy line of stitching all the way 'round. I only have 2 1/2 hoops left to go on the last row... very nearly done!

Next up I think is drawers....I want to get *all* the underthings squared away before I attempt the dress(es). I still have not decided about putting the 'lace' around the armholes. I'm thinking I will. Hmmm. Oh! That reminded me, I'm not done with the chemise anyhow.....I still need to stitch down the yoke! Argh!

I'm getting pretty nervous about it. (eep!) I realized the other day that I may have to hit the fabric store *one more time*.....I need lining material for the bodices. I've been trying really hard to keep the spending to a minimum so we can get the yard put in asap...I'm tired of bare dirt and weeds all over the place.

It's late, and I need to get to bed, hopefully my posts make any klind of sense in the morning!

G'night y'all!

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