Monday, May 11, 2009

Cranford Dress/mini Blue Dress Update

he chemise is nearly done -- only need to hem and stitch down the neckline on the inside....

Here's what it looks like with the corset:

I started with directions from This pattern calls for a straight strip to be used for the neckband. I didn't want my chemise poking up all funny, I I made mine from an oval. Also, my upper arms are all chubbified, so the sleeves directions did not end up as planned, so I changed them up enough to work for me. I french seam/flat felled the whole shebang, but on my *very last* seam, I did it backwards! Argh! It's not that noticable, especially since, ya know, it's *underwear*, but I know it's there. :(

I did one of the Blue Dress sleeves over the weekend, and while I don't think it's a period solution to the craziness shown in the portrait, it's what Holly wants. I forgot to snap a picture before I left for work to's all one piece, undersleeves and all.

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