Thursday, April 7, 2011

Future classes

Jaquelinne suggested that I do a lacing/attachments class, (which I have been meaning to do, but what with all the craziness going on the last 5 months, I really haven’t been all that productive on my stuff) and yesterday I dug up my old (very, very old!) handout and decided it needed a major overhaul.  (seriously – I used Word to create diagrams in this badboy!)

So, my goal is to re-write that class and have it ready for either Quest or Kingdom Arts and Sciences.  (Both of which I’m in charge of putting together a schedule for teachers, so nice and handy there…..)

As far as Collegium this weekend goes, I think I’m going to offer the following and see if anyone is interested:

-Thread wrapped buttons (suggested by Jaquelinne!)IMG00249-20090131-1455

-Frogs (suggested by Jaquelinne again!)IMG00887-20091207-2300

-Fabric buttonss320x240

-Hand sewing techniques

I might be doing my hair class again – depending on if I can put my book back together (I cannibalized its guts for the plastic sleeves, and now all my pictures are all messed up.)

Even if there’s not a whole lot of interest, because it’s mostly all hand sewing related, I’ll just bring one of my projects and sew to my little hearts content until someone ‘signs up’.


  1. Jaquelinne also suggests you drag her fat ass to your abode for a fitting session for kirtles.

  2. I would love to go to any and all of those! You should also do one on those beautiful bodice eyes you do!

  3. Well, I suggest that Jaqeulinne drag her beautiful, talented rear to my abode as well! ;)

  4. I can totally teach you how to do eyelets! I'll have a bunch of sewing supplies there, so I'm up for whatever people want to learn, basically.