Friday, April 8, 2011

Purple Kirtle

When I originally made this kirtle, I was aware of the pattern placement, I assure you!  I liked the way it looked as a ‘slice’ down the front in a “V”, but on it’s own, it is obviously not the pattern placement I would normally use.  Oh well.


Here are three partlet options; the first is my silk organdy partlet that I wear with my coats – it’s a bit floppy to use on it’s own without the supporting coat collar.

The second and third options are a linen partlet; worn inside and outside the kirtle.


I’m probably going to go with my plain collared shirt, however.  (I loves me the tassels.  I can’t help myself!)


And here are the three sleeve options.  I haven’t quite decided which I’m going to go with.  I completely <3 my pinked silk sleeves, but I’m not enamored of the yellow-orange ribbons that are on them right now, so if I go with those, I will be changing out the ribbons for something else.


I’m thinking I actually may not worry about doing a shoulder treatment since I still need to figure out this gown, and finish 2.5 more of the kirtle sleeves to pass off on Saturday.

I need to contact my Laurel and see if she still has my pulled-work coif….I haven’t worn it in a year or two, and I kinda miss it!


  1. That's a tough choice - they're all tres fab. I agree with the shoulder treatment thing. Your dress actually looks great without it anyway.

    Oh, and if you want me to pick up your coif from Bethaval, let me know since she's all of 2 blocks away.

  2. Oh good - I was hoping it wouldn't look all half-ass'd if I left shoulder treatments off! >.<

    I'll give Bethaval a call right now and let her know - if you don't mind picking it up, it would be awesome!!! (And I will totally owe you.....)

  3. Pft. No owings necessary. I'll pick it up on my way to the event in the morning. :) I highly doubt she's planning on attending, though I'll give her a ride if she wants to go.