Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break, or Break from Spring?

It’s been snowing more or less non-stop for two days. Yesterday, the snow nearly completely coated my sewing room window. I can’t believe it’s nearly Easter, and Hubby had to uncover the car today to leave (and even broke the snow scraper in the process!)


Snow is not the only notable thing about today……today is also my very favorite (and only) sisters birthday!

I promised I would keep this blog costume-centric, so here are some pictures of my sister and I dressing up as children. Not dressing up like children. We are children wearing costumes. I’m Cleopatra, I’m pretty sure she’s a Princess. Potentially a Fairy Princess! My mom made us these costumes, and I’m pretty sure my mom made my Cleopatra wig from scratch. I inherited a crafty gene or two from her!


And of course, the costume nerdiness has continued throughout the years!

1latest pics 106a

Love you, sis!!!

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  1. You had impeccable taste even when young! Such a beautiful and poised Cleopatra. I giggled quite a bit over the overwhelming pinkness.
    I'm glad you've been by my side through this fun, crazy life we've had. Love ya too, sis!