Saturday, June 4, 2011


I’m gonna be kind of full of woe for a minute here, so apologies in advance!……………….I’m feeling massively uninspired RE: Partlets. 
I’m nearly finished, but not so much in love with my first attempt:  (It’s nearly finished, so I’ll probably just finish it off and hide it somewhere in the back of my closet just so I have it if needed.  (One can never have too many partlets?)  The original plan was to put spangles all over the edges like in a bunch of portraits in Moda, but I chickened out before I got that far.

Which is meant to be kind of if these two had weird, fugly babies:

Portrait of a Florentine Lady 16thc
Allesandro Allori/Workshop of Alessandro Allori
1500s (mid-late)_ Double Portrait of a Lady & Her Dog_ Sofon
Mother and Son 16thc
Sofonisba Anguissola

At any rate, I decided I didn’t like it (too many things wrong to detail here.), and was going to start again, only this time I was going to try a different style.  I think I stopped myself from committing too much time to this one before I realized I didn’t like it…..and I’m not liking it.
I’ve gotten as far as gathering up the entire yardage on gold cord before I hit the brakes.


It was meant to be somewhat like this one, only a bit more-different-other.

Giulia Varano, Duchess of Urbino 1545-47
Tiziano Vecellio (Titan)

I really need to sleep on it and see what I think in the morning, but my next attempt will probably be either a simple collared one:  (I’ve actually made the one on the right for Aine, so I know I can do it, as long as I get out of this weird funk)

1550s_ Portrait of a Lady_ Jacopo Robusti (Tintoretto)_ Veni
Portrait of a Lady 1550s
Jacopo Robusti (Tintoretto)
1550s_ Portrait of a Woman_ unknown Florentine painter, poss
Portrait of a Woman 16th

Or a gathered-neck style:  (Only probably less crazy than this one, I just like the black spangles!)


I’m taking a break tomorrow to go to my baby brothers wedding reception, so I’ll have plenty of time to take a break from sewing for a minute or two, recuperate, and ponder my next move!


  1. Nommy partlets! Even though you don't like it,  I think the one you've made is EPIC! Seriously awesome. Maybe loan it out to those sad, partlet-less friends of ours at events :)

    I love the partlet with the black spangles in the last image! DO IT! 

  2. LOVE the last one!  You still have a bunch of those tiny pailettes, don't you?  I think that would ROCK!

    Oh, and I, personally, would totally wear that other partlet...just sayin'!  :)

  3. I'm digging the ruffled partlets.  A lot.  Though, I would say to use a double stacked-ish pleat so they look more like the figure eight (I just totally typed "ate" and realized oh yes, I'm really full from dinner) ruffles you get on ruffs - this will add body to the ruffles.  That being said, I think the one you made is super cute.

  4. This may not help if you really want a white partlet, but I have a light gold embroidered silk organza that I bought thinking to turn into a partlet before I realized that such a thing was a little too, well, Italian for me.  It would look amazing all rouched up like some of those examples.  If you're interested I can send you a pic and offer you a good deal on it (I originally got it as a deal of the day)

  5. Oooh, hey!  Gold might be the ticket....even if I don't use it for this project, if you don't need/want it, I'm sure I would find a use for it somewhere!  Will you send me a pic?