Monday, May 9, 2011

Dress….closing in on the final design

(And by “final” I actually mean “I’ve got it figured out enough that I can start working on it and have some sense of direction”)

I found this picture just today on Kat’s lovely site.  I’m sure I’ve seen it on there before, but today it really caught my eye.  (Jaquelinne….remember how you were bemoaning the creases in your veil?!)

Anyway, this is The One.  I love her!  The cutwork is awesome, her veil and hair are amazing, and she has shoulder treatments!  (Something quite lacking in the other portraits with cutwork sleeves)


I can’t quite tell what is going on with the front of the bodice….is that something there scallopy at the top?  Is there some sort of muted detail on the front that is lost in the reproduction?  I haven’t quite decided how plain to make the bodice, but I’m thinking that if I do anything, it will be something like the applied cutwork bands on this one:


I’m going to add a train, well, because I wanna.  And also, I’m going to be adding some sort of sparkly, pretty partlet.  The good part is, I don’t have to decide right away, none of these partlets should interfere with the design of the dress.

Partlet Options


  1. I love it! Perfect choice. I like the "C" partlet best!

  2. I'm pretty sure its scalloping. I KNOW I saw someone who'd put together 3 or 4 portraits, all with that same treatment. Now if I can just remember where I saw it.

  3. Beautiful plan. :) Also, I see you in partlet A. Clean lines, perfect tailoring... it's so you.

  4. I had thought the scallops might be a very subtle lace on the smock. It might be inherent to the neckline, but I don't see it on the shoulder straps (though that could be due to the B&W photo).

  5. I see a zibie!!! hehe

    I love all that cutwork! Are you going to put little laurel leaves/wreaths in the squares?

    I think I'm most partial to partlet A. (Can you send me a bigger version of this pic? I'd really like to see her jewelry better.)