Sunday, May 8, 2011

Projects from today

A few days ago, my mom asked me if I would make a “queens cloak”.  I wasn’t quite sure what she was after, but I think we ended up with a fairly regal looking miniature (costume) cloak for her 3rd grade class.

This morning, my mother and I spent Mothers Day morning sewing and chatting….it was very fun to have her involved in a project and generally hanging out.

I’ll post some pictures of a child wearing it as soon as I get some!

It’s made of red velvet, and I talked my mom into doing faux ermine with some hand spun black yarn.  I think it ended up quite cute!  (And ends up looking far less ‘Santa Claus’….)

Down the road, we may end up adding some gold trim or another band of ermine around the hem, but since she needed it for Monday morning, this is as far as we got, and I think it turned out quite well!

Also, my good friend Jaquelinne came over for some patterning.  She left with a side-back lacing bodice (my new favorite thing in the entire world, by the way!).  I don’t have any pictures of the fitting process, but it went smoothly.


On a slightly related note, I’m not terribly good about documenting all the fitting and sewing I end up with and/or for others, but that is something that I’m going to try to get better at, since it’s about 75% of what I spend my time doing!


  1. That is totally adorable. I know a first grader who may need one once I cut into my red velvet-- there's bound to be extra. Love the "ermine" and I really like the fastener

  2. Hooray! It's a simple gored half-circle, and I drafted the collar on my dress dummy - I can give you the collar pattern if you need it!