Monday, May 9, 2011


I think that I may have actually made a decision…….cut worked sleeves with side-back lacing bodice.

A lot of these styles are on the more plain side, so I’m hoping to jazz it all up with a super sparkly partlet and ouches on the shoulder treatments.

Next decision to make:


I’m still on my “must-be-from-my-stash” kick, which somewhat limits my options, but I still have too many to choose from.  Once again, I need opinions!  ;)  Right now, only fabric options B and D are changing…..basically need to decide if I’m going to do a red or a purple palette!

Fabric Option A:  from left to right – (And of course, the usual caveat; pictures = terrible, much prettier in real life, etc., etc.)

A:  Black velvet for Hubby’s coat

B:  Red changeable (with black) silk taffeta for Hubby’s doublet

C:  Gold brocade for my petticoat

D:  Deep red/burgundy velvet for my gown

E:  Green and gold brocade for some sort of loose gown or Turkish coat – exact style TBD


Fabric Option B:  from left to right -

A:  Black velvet for Hubby’s coat

B:  Purple silk taffeta for Hubby’s doublet  (Other Noelle, fear not, this is a different piece of fabric than our project!!!)

C:  Gold brocade for my petticoat

D:  Deep plum velvet for my gown

E:  Green and gold brocade for some sort of loose gown or Turkish coat – exact style TBD


I’m a nerd and am going to do a pro/con list*!

Red Fabric Combo



I’ve wanted to put red into my wardrobe for a while, and it is a beautiful red! Not so much “my” colors.  I love it, but it’s not something generally associated with me.
Very Italian color palette Pretty common colors
Would looks smashing with gold jewelry There have been other gowns (of a different style) recently done with very similar fabric).  Perhaps not a con, but something to think about, I suppose.


Purple Fabric Combo



It’s purple!  That counts for at least three spaces…. Not as much velvet fabric, may not be able to do train.
Very much “my” colors Very heavy weight velvet (not quite upholstery, but certainly a lot heavier than your average velvet)
Did I mention it was purple? I used this fabric quite recently in another gown



*Backfired!  I was hoping that by writing this out, I could come to some sort of conclusion, but now I’m more indecisive than ever.  Boo.  I want to start CUTTING!


  1. Here's my two cents:

    -you look amazing in red or purple.

    -I wanted blue to be "my" color but then I kept on buying gold silks so I'm noticing gold is "my" color now! So don't worry about only using "your" colors each time.

    -If you want a train, go with the red.

    -You just made that overgown with the purple, and you have almost no red in your wardrobe.

    Looks like I'm saying go with red!

  2. I wanna say the purple, but I know you already have a great purple velvet thing going on with your coat. Is there enough of the purple taffeta to do a dress with that? It would be way more impressive, methinks (mostly because I love the shwoop shwoop noise taffeta makes when it moves around). That just leaves your hubby without a doublet, though, so I dunno if that would work.

  3. I sent you some emails with links to tasty fabrics. I know using stash would be ideal, but just in case... also, I'd love to donate to the cause if you want to buy fabrics. Just sayin'.

    If you MUST use stash, I say use the red. Because the first thing you said you wanted was a train, and so by god, a train you will have. Also, you just used the plum. So there. You could always add purple to your jewelry - red, purple, and gold all look FAB together.

  4. I am Rus. I am contractually obligated to say red (the very word means "beautiful" in Russian.) The purple is very you though and would be fabulous. No train is a big downside however. Add me to the contributors if we're passing the hat though because this is the occasion where you should get EXACTLY what you want.

  5. I agree with the other ladies. I think you should do red. If you have any reservations about the red you have, I'll totally pitch in so you can get what you really want! Plus, I'm really digging the thought of purple and gold jewelry with a red about "rich" and nummy!

  6. I am apparently the freak show who says Purple. It's your favorite color and it's such an important day for you.

    So, because i know you need more crap to do and this won;t stress you out at all, I also say "both".

    Do the purple for your sitting around all day while you get drunk and people come be nice to you and pet you part, and then change into the red with the train for the ceremony and picture taking part.

    Go big or go home, Noelle style.


    your alter ego

  7. Haha! Yes! Purple for the true Noelleee part, red for the formal/"public"/look-how-historically-accurate-I-am part.

  8. So - here's my two cents: I think you should have a train, so if that means red - that's my vote. However, since you love purple and have forever, I think you should have purple and a train! I have coupons.......and would love to get it for you or go in on getting it for you.

  9. I votes red.
    But then again I <3 red, its my favorite color and I'm lusting after that fabric already.
    I also say red and don't do the purple because your cons mentioned it was heavy weight and I'm gonna remind you that your Vigil is going to be over Pioneer day weekend in JULY.

    GO with silk sister, leave the velvet for a smashing "first solstice as a laurel" dress...