Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More dress stuff….

There are so many comments recently about the dress for Barons War that it would take a load of time I don’t have right now to answer them all, and it’s mostly all the same info.  But please know, I read and appreciate every comment!
I’ve decided on red for the ceremony dress.  (I very much appreciate everyone’s offers of fabric assistance!)  I have a ton of that fabric, and as it is in my stash, I obviously already like it!  I need to get the wedding dress busted out, then I can start on MY dress.  (p.s.  I’ll be posting about the wedding dress commission over the next few days)
Because I love purple, I will be doing a purple Turkoid (what I’m calling the Turkish coat worn by Venetian women in a state of undress)  I’ll be doing silk taffeta, hopefully beaded and/or embroidered/couched all to hell (Holly, Jaquelinne…….you both offered hand work help, I’m hoping that includes beading!)  I’ll be making a simple kirtle to wear underneath for some support, and I have a person in mind to ask for assistance in a camacia.

……I’m feeling really weird that the most help I EVER received on an outfit is for this!


  1. yummy beaded purple silk. Sounds dreamy.

  2. Of course! I actually love beading. If you're not pinking it, and aren't looking for a super soft drape, I highly suggest flatlining with a tight-weave fabric or interfacing before beading. But you probably already knew that. <3

  3. You've helped so many people that turn about is fair play! I'm so glad people are willing and ready to help you! My serger is here at school with me when you want it!

  4. You made up your mind quick! Assistance is always open for you, despite the distance. ::)

  5. But of course! Just sit me down, tell me what to do, and let's get our babble on!