Sunday, May 8, 2011

Whoa, so that happened…..

I’m in quite a state of shock, and doesn’t quite feel real, but I was asked today if I would consider joining the Order of the Laurel. 

Holy crap, right?!

I made a bit of a fool out of myself (complete lack of sleep + overwhelming emotions etc.) in court, but hopefully I’ll be forgiven!  Embarrassingly enough, there also seems to have been video taken of the whole affair. 

It was quite magical, and I was completely and utterly taken by surprise!  I’m sad my sister and my husband missed it, but then again, this is just the announcement, so there is plenty of time to make sure they can both make it for the ‘real deal’.

I only have a few teeny cell phone pics of the announcement, but I do know there were some other shutterbugs in the populace, so hopefully I can find more pictures in the coming weeks.

This is actually a great picture setup; Duchess Caryn von Katzenberg (my grand-Laurel….who actually won K A&S, by the bye) is on the far left in the white coif and Elizabethan jacket, then next to her in the white kirtle is my Laurel, Mistress Bethany of Windermere (Caryn’s Apprentice).  Then me, (the grand-baby) finally making my way down to the gathered Laurels.


Thankfully, I didn’t look like utter crap – I was sorely tempted to take the easy route this morning and throw on any old thing, but I didn’t give into temptation, and made a bit of an attempt….though closing court was nearing the end of a frazzling event, and I wasn’t as (ahem) put together as I otherwise try to be.

Though now I think it’s high time I get some sleep, I only just now was able to say “hello” to my poor doggies after a very, very long week!

I’ll have much more to say on the matter in the light of day, I am sure!

Open-mouthed smile


  1. *squee* Welcome to the land of gobsmack. Hah! <3

  2. ARMAGAHD!!! I'm so thrilled for you! This is so deserved, never foget that! You are the queen of humble, so I shall consistently remind you of your awesomeness!

    One selfish little thing: are you thinking of Uprising for your elevation? I want to be there for it if possible but I'm missing Uprising for my brothers wedding...

  3. "land of gobsmack".....haha! :D I'm so excited it's silly!

  4. Thank you! I'm so excited (and nervous, and scared.....)

    Fear not, there are too many Important People that cannot make it to Uprising, so I've asked the Crown to consider Baron's War (July 22). They haven't agreed yet, but I think it should be OK since it's on their progress anyway.

  5. *tsk tsk* you looked beautiful as always.

    I'm super duper excited for you! Its an awesome accolade for sure, and you deserive it.

  6. Can I just say yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!! I'm so excited/proud/happy/elated for you!!! Nevah in the history of apprentices has there been a better one than you!

  7. O.M.G. I am so proud of you... and happy for you and all those other things that everyone else mentioned! You are amazing! I WILL be there for the elevation.... for realz!

  8. You SHOULD be excited! *huge stupid grin*
    I know you should not feel rushed to make decisions, but do remember that I have hours to spend sitting at troll at Quest and would happily work on some hand-work for you. I'm decent at embroidery, though few know it cuz I'm horrid at starting my own projects. Too many decisions to make... like patterns! Hah. And because you totally deserve awesome everything, maybe this is something I could do for you? Just think about it. <3

  9. I was sitting around talking dogs after the dog show when Noelle called to tell me. None of the people around me understood why I was bouncing around and saying "F-ing YEAH!" type comments. A lot. lol

    Noelleee, I cannot WAIT to see you get recognized for the amazing skillz you have and fabulous person that you are!