Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baron’s War Gown…Neckline Decisions

As a refresher, here is what I’m pondering upon. There seems to be some sort of slightly bumpy detail at the neckline of my inspiration portrait.

Argument for scallops: I believe this neckline pretty conclusively shows scallops on the gown itself, rather than camacia embroidery. (same green as the gown, ‘on top’ of the partlet, rather than underneath)
Argument for embroidery/lace: I believe this neckline shows lace (potentially blackwork) on the edge of her camacia. (Black looks like it is ‘on top of’ rather than underneath the partlet’, however, may be that the partlet is tucked into camacia?)
Also, is strikingly similar to the neckline found on this extant piece:

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