Monday, May 16, 2011

Post of Many Things

When Other Noelle was here recently, she introduced me to two new things of win; silk sewing machine thread (omg, if you’ve never used it, go try it…’s a heavenly experience!!!), and a book called “Ribbon Trims” by Nancy Nehring.


I just received my copy in the mail a few days ago, and it is so fabulous!


Also, Holly and Gypsy spent an unexpected night this weekend, and I begged them to look at my stash and help me figure out the Turkish robe trim & jewelry; both of which was accomplished! We ordered supplies I didn’t already have in my stash and had them delivered to Holly’s address.

She’ll be doing my jewelry for the red velvet gown, and Gypsy will be beading the crap out of my trim with crystals and pearls. (Below: the crystals are the right size on the left, right shape on the right……I ordered crystals of the right dimensions, all the pearls will come from my enormous stash of pearls I got a year or so ago. I just KNEW I would need them some day!)


Unfortunately, the chapel I posted about earlier is prohibitively expensive, and I’ll be going back to my original ‘sun shade’ plan:


I drew in fixed Savonarola chairs (or “Dante chair” or “x-frame” chair, or whatever you want to call ‘em) because that was the style I found for sale that didn’t completely break the bank, but I found someone locally that I could commission to make what I really wanted, folding Savonarola chairs!

I spent the better part of today running from place to place gathering all the little odds and ends I’ll need for upcoming projects:

  • small wooden stool to be stained and becushioned (potentially embroidered, but that’s TBD at the moment)
  • padding for stool (Just regular old high-density foam)
  • wool roving for PPoD….I AM going to finish this thing if it kills me!
  • red wool felt for velvet gown bodice & hem
  • red silk buttonhole twist for gown eyelets
  • red silk sewing thread
  • fleur-de-lys stamps for curtains
  • gold/silver tone paint for stamping curtains

I think I’m more or less ready to start on things – I’m having a hard time deciding where to begin, though! (hence posting instead of working…..)


  1.  I *love* your design for the sun shade, but you might want to keep in mind that those visiting you will be having private conversations with you, and having it that open might feel... open. Hrm.  Adding a sheer-ish secondary curtain might help keep the open and light feeling, while also adding a semi-private feel.  I dunno.  Maybe you should just hire guards to keep people at a distant perimeter. Heh.

  2. Love the savonarola chairs! I have friends up here who have a few folding ones and they are so awesome.

    I think the sunshade will be alright, so long as randoms milling about next to the tent is not allowed.

    That trim is gonna look amazing!

  3. I'm slightly worried about being completely closed off in a tent....that can get hot!  

    Good point - The fabric I'm planning on using is pretty thin (I was planning on closing them during conversations), so I like the idea of a second layer - I'll have to see if I can find some el-cheapo pre-made curtains for privacy.  If all else fails, I'll make sure there is a 10-foot rule so conversations can remain private

  4.  I am so hoping everything works out for the chairs - I so very much want them!  (I found an entire antique set + table online, unfortunately, it's $1700!), it's $1700!)

  5.  I volunteer my hubby as guard duty.  I think he would enjoy that.  But only if he gets to wear something outrageously inappropriate, so... hmm....