Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Red Dress

Bertha has already stage dived off my cutting table, so you know it’s a rock star dress! 

This pic looks really dark, but that’s the gown turned inside-out so I could work on the padded hem without having to muck around on the floor.


I was really nervous about the train (as I’ve never done this style before), but I’m really liking the outline.


I don’t have enough fabric to make the facing out of bias, so I’ve pressed and eased the curves as much as I could.  Because the curves are so gentle, it’s actually not that bad.


The turn for the clipped hem is just a smidgeon bigger than I had planned on, but I think will be just fine.  I’m going to leave the clipping until last, because I’m a bit nervous about it!


I was really nervous about the padded hem, but so far, it’s turned out the nicest!  Now I’m really mad at myself that I didn’t pad the bodice.  I may have to remedy that….but still TBD.

I’m looking into having a die stamp fabricated, and if it all works out the way I’m hoping, I’ll have cutwork trim for the bodice, hem and shoulder treatments – but only if the stamp comes through…..I don’t have the energy or hand strength to do it all by hand with an X-acto knife!

die stamp

I’m going to be doing the hem tuck (like on the Pisa gown), but again, that will have to wait for a minute….I still need to sew down the felt, figure out if I’m doing the trim, and try it all on and get an accurate hem length.

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  1. Oh, Bertha.  You are truly living up to your namesake.  Toppling from the heights, and all.  Hopefully no fire in the future, though.