Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wedding Dress–Update

I’ve spent the last few days working on really boring stuff; redoing the bodice and the skirts… (you already saw the construction of the other bodice….if you really want to see what I’ve been doing, go back and look at that post again!)

The skirt is 2 layers of silk chiffon, and a lining layer of silk dupioni.  It’s a simple gored skirt pattern, so no big news there, other than I have now sworn to myself I will Never Ever work with chiffon again.

Here’s the progression of what I’ve done:  (The blogger outage has really put a kink in my posting plans this weekend!)

First, a mockup out of muslin (which I should have done in the first place.  Learn from my mistakes!)  The top seam allowance is not folded under, so it’s a smoodge taller than it would be finished.


Here’s the finished bodice:


And a rough draft of the top most layer of skirts.  It looks much richer with the other two lining layers!  I’ve since steamed the bodice and ‘peplum’ thingy, so it’s not quite as ruffly.


Since this picture was taken, I’ve attached all the layers of skirts, and hemmed the ruffle for the neckline. 

Here’s a picture of it all coming together, the gathers have been steamed, and I created the ‘real’ belt:


All that is left to do is a final fitting, zipper insertion and hem!  Hooray!  I am going to be setting aside the wedding dress for a couple of weeks until I can get the fitting done, so there will be more posts on zippers and final notes sometime early next month.

This also means that I will be moving onto a new topic!  Red velvet cutwork gown!  HOORAY!

I was going to start on the bodice tonight, but hubby reminded me that Game of Thrones is recorded, so I’m gonna go do that instead.  ;)

Here, look at a cute puppy old boy!


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