Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Green gown–(mostly) finished!

I don’t have a lot to say on the construction of this gown, it’s my standard side-back lacing pattern, with the exception of a slightly narrower shoulder strap, and the felt padded hem….my new love!

The pictures of the gown look much more gold than it is IRL. (I’m also slightly worried that I messed up on my math and the back is too short, but I’ll put it all on tomorrow and find out for sure….it could just be that poor Bertha is not a very good approximation of my body!)




Here’s a close-up of the fabric, which more closely approximates the ‘real’ color of the dress.


And just for giggles, here’s the silk for the Turkish robe draped over the shoulders:


There was drama with the rest of the fabric going missing (which I eventually found, obviously)….and now the next drama is my trusty curved sleeve pattern is now AWOL too! I’m very sad about this because I spend countless hours tweaking it just so. I’m really, really hoping I can find it, I will be lost without it!

On the docket tomorrow is to search thoroughly for the sleeve pattern (and make the sleeves if it shows up), and finally figure out what I’m going to do for a partlet. No really, I’ve been putting it off for long enough, it’s time.

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  1. OMG!  That last pic (yes, I know it's just draping...) is so nommy!