Thursday, June 2, 2011

Green and Gold–Finished

I’m kind of *meh* about the sleeves.  I thought I would like the buttoned sleeves, but I’m starting to think they will be a PITA.  Time will tell, I suppose. 


On the other hand, I’m pretty stoked about the dress itself.  It fits pretty good, though the straps will need dressing pins to keep the shoulders from sliding off.

I’m planning on wearing this with my square-necked camacia and my organza partlet. 


Yet another thing to add to the pile of “Completely Finished” (even if I’m less than ecstatic about it.)

Oh yeah, I forgot to list my gold and green petticoat on the “Completely Finished” post a while back…..that one’s done too!

Next up is the red gown tuck!

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