Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Progress! Update of all the finished stuff…..

My little pile of “projects that are completely finished” is growing larger!


From left to right:

  • chopines
  • painted curtains
  • kneeler
  • pillow (which I wasn’t planning on, but I had a chunk of embroidered velvet that needed to be something

I didn’t do a project diary of the kneeler, but it’s pretty basic.  I took the embroidered velvet (which is a scrap from the gown that I helped create for my laurel’s laurelling!), and a plain wooden stool from a craft store. 


Since I’m completely on this ‘from my stash’ kick, instead of staining it like I had originally planned, I used the ‘champagne gold’ paint from the curtain project and coated many layers.  because it’s more silvery than gold, I changed up the embroidery on the cover, and used blue instead of red.  (blue always seems to go with silver better than red does)

I layered foam over the pained stool, and firmly tacked it in place with canvas, close to the outside edge, so the strain of compressing the foam is taken up by the canvas. 

Then I covered that with the pretty stuff, and stapled it in further in the stool.  (my staple gun and I have become very good friends over the last week or so!)

I was unhappy with the raw edges, so went digging through my stash, and found some leftovers of the black and gold trim that my good friend Jannean gave me…..perfect for covering those cut edges!


The kneeler is on the small side, so isn’t a perfect size for that bit, but will become a fantastic foot stool after the fact.

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