Friday, June 3, 2011


There are a couple of different pictures of saccoccia in blue and gold – I happen to have a bit of blue and gold scrap fabric, so I decided to do this quickie tutorial in that fabric. 

I sewed this on a machine, so isn’t at all something I would show off as ‘period’, but is good enough for holding cell phones and cash hidden under skirts at events!

I don’t know how to upload documents yet….I very carefully drew this out to scale in Photoshop, then realized I may not be able to upload it as such! 

Aaaaaaanyway…’s not that complicated of a pattern…just kind of an elongated teardrop shape.  (I would suggest making the top longer than you think it should be….you can always cut off excess at the end)


Hokay.  So, you’ll want to cut 2 fabric & 2 lining.


On the wrong side of your fabric, draw the slit line.  Sew around the line as close as you can. 


When cutting the slit, make a “Y” cut at the end:


Turn right side out & press slit.  (I top stitched the slit opening for extra durability)


Pin lining out of the way, and pin fabric right side to right side.  Sew around the outside edge, clip & press.


Pin fabric out of the way and pin lining right sides together.  Sew around outside edge, clip & press.


You’re going to end up with a bellows-looking thing.  But don’t worry!



Turn right side out and tuck lining inside.  I’ve been folding over the top and stitching down, but you could bind the top edges or make an internal casing.

Voila!  Saccoccia! 


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  1. I. WANT. ONE!!!

    Well, two actually; gotta be all symmetrical n' stuff, right?  If I actually get my kirtle done tomorrow, mebbe I can attempt this...?