Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some people have feline sewing companions….mine are canine!


“mai sunbeam.  u can not haz!”  (Cozmo/Momo)  This one technically isn’t sewing-related, but he rarely goes upstairs these days, so he gets reprieve from the theme.


“mai kayoot iz too helpz you!” (Demitri/Meaty)  This is his favorite spot in the sewing room….under my desk cuddled up to my laptop bag, stack of bolt cores & bag-O-hoops


“best. nap. EVAR.” (Tiny Barsky)  View by my feet while cartridge pleating the other day.


“wat u mean ‘get off’’?! iz goggie bed!”  (Precious & Tiny Barsky)  I finally threw a towel over my cabbage bin so I could keep it somewhat dog-free.  Geez, the things I do for my goggies.


“we r helpin u hand sew!”  Yes, that is every dog in the house on my lap. *sigh*  I was trying to sew on buttons, but took a nap instead. (All of ‘em)



  1. hahaha!  I can totally bond with you on this one!  We're puppy sitting Eowyn right now, so I had 4 dogs on my lap while I was trying to finish the handsewing on those sleeves today...I ended up surfing teh interwebs instead.  :)

  2. ooooh those puppies!  They are so bad for productivity!

  3. No dogs, but I often have 2 babies and a cat all trying to sit in my lap while I sew.  No way to resist the nap at that point.