Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quick Update…..

I had a quick fitting of my two gowns just now, and I am much relieved.

Bertha was, in fact, messing with my head, and the green and gold gown fit just fine. In fact, this gown may replace my lavender gown as my “go to” outfit! (I just need to find my danged sleeve pattern!)

I finally tried on the red velvet gown with petticoats and chopines. I’m seriously torn about hemming. Right now the hem hits right about halfway down the chopines….which means that I have to wear the chopines with this outfit. I could take the time to re-cut the hem to normal walking length, but really, do I want to? Argh. I was going to start on the tuck right now, but since I’m wiffling, I may just go ahead and keep searching for my sleeves.

Sorry, no pics…..apparently every mirror in the house has decided to be woefully dirty today, and I couldn’t bring myself to clean them while wearing pretties.

UPDATE: I finally found my sleeves. *que big sigh of relief* There are two patterns that have taken ages to get just so......I'm seriously thinking of making a copy of them and storing them elsewhere.


  1. Time for me to wave my opinions about as if they matter. :P
    If you WANT to show off the chopines more, pull the hem up.  If you like it where it's at, leave it alone.  If you decide AFTER your ceremony that you want to be able to wear the gown sans chopines, you can take it up a little then.  The first time you'll wear this dress out will be at your ceremony, so it's a moot point until after then.

  2. Opinions *DO* matter!  (esp. from you!)

    My thinking is this......if I don't do it now, I'll not be likely to do it in the future.  Then again, it's a very court-ish dress (train) and wouldn't see the light of day all that often anyhow, so may as well wear them with the chopines.  So, right now I'm leaning to leaving it for *the big day* and figuring out what to do afterwards.  (Hell, I may even cut it straight across and nix train as well....I dunno.)

  3. grriolhgha.sie!  That was the sound of me gasping at the thought of having the train cutoff.  Yes, I'm sure it would be more functional, but its so purrrrrrdy!