Friday, May 27, 2011

“Calloo callay, oh happy, happy day!” or, “How I saved myself two days of work…..potentially”

I was originally planning on either working on my partlet or stockings during the event tomorrow, but since neither of them have been drafted out, I went in search of some other project that would be useful.

I eventually remembered that I have a linen “V” kirtle that is nearly done, just needs rings sewn on (my least favorite bit, hence why it is still not done…..).  In digging around in my “To Be Finished” basket, I re-found my green bodice I worked on last year.  At the time, it didn’t fit at all, and the only reason I didn’t throw it away immediately was that I had put such work into the eyelets, I was loathe to part with it, even though I was very angry at myself for constructing such an ill-fitting bodice.

On a whim, I decided to try it on again – mostly to convince myself to finally throw or give it away, but lo and behold….the fitting issues I was struggling with last year seem to have magically disappeared! 


Hooray!!!  (I’m riding a bit, ahem….high in this pic, but I am wearing a tee, sweater, and a padded bra underneath….I think with just a chemise, it’ll be fitting quite grand.  I still need to test the theory, but I’m too tired right now.  Man, what is it with me posting so late at night and not caring because I’m too tired?!)

Now I have most of a kirtle already done!  (At least the bits that take me forever….I’m the worlds slowest eyelet-maker)  I’m thinking of wearing it underneath my loose purple ‘Turkoid’ gown, since I most certainly will not be going sans support.

Here is the bodice, next to the fabric for the loose gown….what do you think?  It certainly is not a combo that sounds great off the bat…..goose turd green and plum?  Like…..ew!  But in a weird way, I kind of think it works…..


If this old bodice will work, that will certainly take a load off my plate, and I will be super happy…..if the consensus is “Ew, Noelle, what are you thinking?!” I’ll whip up something else, and finish up this gown for something else fabulous.


  1. I always love the high contrast of green and purple and the shades look compatible from here.

  2. I love purple and green! (As you know since my classroom colors are purple, green!) Anyway, I think they look great together - each making the other look more gorgeous, I think! 

  3. I think almost everything I've made in the last six months has come out of the unfinished projects pile.  Something about sticking them in a box for a year or more and then rediscovering them seems to make the issues disappear!

    And I think the purple and pale green color combo is PERFECT.  Purple and green are complementary colors to begin with, and it's a combo you often see in pre-20th century clothing of all styles.  Our ancestors weren't shy about color mixing!

  4. I think the purple and green is just lovely.