Tuesday, May 24, 2011


As I have woefully neglected my abode these last few weeks, I have spent the morning getting everything back to some semblance of order….even if it is only the down stairs portion!

My cork blocks showed up today, and I’m really excited to get started on them, but I’ve promised myself that I will at least get the floor waxed and the collection of things off the stairs…..so I may or may not have an actual progress update today. (It just depends on how many times I get distracted by naughty dogs running away, doorbells ringing etc.)

The plan is to turn this:


Into this:


My toes hang over just about 1/2”, so I’m thinking up plans to stack leather on the sole to create a smooth curve that covers my entire foot. This is all still very much TBD, just my initial thoughts on the matter.

FYI – I wear a size 9, so these blocks should work with no mods for anyone size 8 or under no problem. I will update as I figure out how to solve my giant foot problem!


  1. Can you put your foot on there in a diagonal fashion perhaps?

  2. You're going to wax your floor and THEN make chopines?! Be safe! Haha