Friday, May 27, 2011

Flag(ish) Fan

I was perusing my pictures from my recent NOLA vacation, and remembered I had seen a beautiful circular fan at the Beauregard-Keyes house.

I’m not sure if it’s wishful thinking, but I swear I’ve seen circular fans in some (Venetian?!) woodcut somewhere.  It’s killing me, because I can’t find it again, and I can’t tell if it’s a figment of my wishful imagination, or if I’m just overly tired and can’t search worth crap right now. 

Hopefully I’ll be refreshed tomorrow and can continue to look into it!


  1. There's the round style that's sort of accordian folded pictured in Trachtenburg (Kat's got a picture cropped from it here)  Tami has a tutorial for that type at Renaissance Tailor, but it isn't the round woven type like your New Orleans one.  There's also an extant ivory handle one that is sort of oval that is also pictured on Kat's page.  I swear I've seen some woodcuts too, but my brain isn't quite functioning yet this morning.

  2. For a quick search, try and see if it turns anything up.  I'll take a look through my files and see if I can find anything, too.

  3. I found one image in my collection of a round fan, but it's covered in feathers...

  4. ARRRGH!  My site doesn't want me to hotlink to my own images!  I'm clearly too clever for my own good...

    Here, just copy & paste this link:

    That should do it.

  5. Or not.  Ok, right click on the link, hit "copy link location" and then paste it into your browser.  THAT works.  :P

  6. ;)  Got it!  That is quite the fan, to be sure!  Now I'm thinking an obnoxiously-coloured feather fan is in order......