Thursday, March 31, 2011

Red Kirtle–Skirt attachment

After pleating, I sewed the skirt to the bodice, and zig-zagged the top edge.  There is a mild dip in the back, so I clipped that curve.IMAG0694

Then I pressed the seam up, making sure that the pleats were lying nice and straight.IMAG0695

Next, I pressed over the seam allowance on the bodice, making sure that the stitching line was covered.IMAG0696

Then I pinned the whole thing down.  I’m not going to sew down the bottom edge of the bodice until I’ve done the shoulder straps, top stitching, and boning casing; but when that’s all done, I’ll run a line of top stitching along the bottom edge, going all the way through each of the layers to hold the pleats in place and make the skirt attachment even stronger.IMAG0697

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