Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wedding Gown – the materials

On my way home from the whirlwind trip to California for baby brothers’ wedding (more on that in another post), I decided to take a detour (a really, really LONG detour) through LA to see if I could grab some fabrics for the wedding dress project.  (And to be honest, I was NOT going to go over Donners – It had been completely closed the day before, and the weather looked bad enough that I was a bit…..scared.)

It was a Sunday, pouring rain, and nearly 4:30 pm… hopes were not high for any shops to be open.  However, as I pulled into the ‘secret’ parking space that my good friend Jannean always uses, I noticed a one of the only shops not shuttered was a trim shop.  “It wasn’t an enormous waste of time after all!” I told myself.  I rushed into the shop and did a blitz on the lace section.  Because I needed to walk around and stretch my legs anyway, I grabbed my umbrella and went walking down a road I’d never gone down before, and lo and behold, one of the only shops open on the entire street carried silk satin and all kinds of really yummy lace!


  1. Droooool! I want to come see these in person... absolutely gorgeous!

  2. You do! Good thing you know where I live....hint, hint...... :D