Saturday, April 2, 2011

Red Kirtle–Stitching Progress 2

I finally got the skirt sorted out, and was able to move on to the center back boning.

I used plastic zip ties (one of the best, cheapest boning options out there!) for the center back to keep it from collapsing when laced.  I use a heavy duty pair of wire cutters my dad gave me years ago (one of my favorite tools to this day).  I generally don’t do much to prepare the zip ties other than cut them to length & cut the corners on an angle.  (If the fabric is particularly delicate, I’ll sometimes file & melt the ends.IMAG0723

I think one of the most important things about inserting boning at an opening is placement.  I know I’ve had disastrous results when placing the boning in the seam.  I find it’s a lot stronger when placing the boning in the fold of the interlining (or lining, as this particular case).


Then it’s just a matter of pinning in place and stitching a casing line.  IMAG0725IMAG0726

Next up:  Eyelets.  Lots and lots of eyelets.  (I’m thinking it was a very bad idea to stop at the eyelet stage on the black kirtle….now I have twice as many to do.  Wish me luck…..

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