Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stash Taffeta for “Double-No-L” Project

I’m having a terrible time concentrating on the project at hand (eyelets?!  who need's em?!), and am horribly distracted by the 18th c CoCo project.

I am hoping I will be able to make my entire gown out of my stash fabric.  The only thing I think I may need is trim – either dye for the current trim I have, or new trim.  Other than that, I think I’ve got it covered, as long as one of my taffetas work.fabric options

A.  Dark teal taffeta (not as dark in the picture, however)  I have the most of this fabric, and would have absolutely no problem with making the entire gown, petticoat & trim.

B.  Dark plum taffeta (the most color-correct of the five pictured)  I think this is the one I have the second-to-most of.

C.  Red/Black shot taffeta.  (not at all what it looks like in the picture – this is very, very dark, and has definite black undertone that is not picked up in the picture at all)  I’m pretty sure I have enough of this to make a full gown, and if not, I can always fake the back of the petticoat.

D.  Pumpkin taffeta (pretty much color correct, though a bit darker)  I have quite a bit of this, too.

E.  Rose/Teal shot taffeta (shot taffeta never shows up in pictures the way it looks in real life.  This fabric has the nickname “Icy Rose” in my sewing room, and is completely nummy, but may not be the right fabric for this project.  It is darker in real life than shows in the picture)  I’m pretty sure I have enough of this fabric.

F.  Black  (not pictured.  Yeah, it’s just like what it sounds like….black taffeta)  I have enough to make a gown, but may potentially need to get more for petticoat.


  1. SO, the taffeta that i was thinking of was pretty close to what is shown there as A, I think. If that is the case, then your purple would be brilliant as another in the set me thinks, but any of them would work, really.

    Also, you seem to love purple.

  2. *PHEW* I have just a smoodge under 7 yds. If I do the back of the petticoat out of something else, I should have plenty to do the purple!

  3. heheheh It's a petticoat mullet. "business in the front, party in the back"